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Shanaka Onlive

Shanaka Onlive

Shanaka Onlive


I’m Shanaka, Executive Chairman and Founder of SOL Enterprises (Private) Limited.

Used to be an IT professional by day a Dj by night. I am also known as Sooriya/ Shan/ Sandun with different people in diverse places, but now I known as S. Shanaka Sudewa the founder & chairman of SOL.

I am cool, fun, loving guy who like to N’joy the life in a meaningful way. I love playing Badminton, Pool, Chess, Carrom & Card games. Also enjoy driving ( I am crazy over vehicles ), play my dj-console whenever I feel the joy.

I had a pretty good life and then faced difficult time in my life, but the faith I had during that time made me stronger. I easily won’t give up on things no matter how hard the situation is. So guys don’t give up on your dreams. It isn’t easy to achieve, road to success is full of obstacles, but you can face and go through successfully if you have a faith in you. Mark my word !!

Disclaimers ! Read with care !

  • I didn’t develop self-discipline – I found my passion.
  • I didn’t learn to manage my time – I got my priorities straight.
  • I didn’t make everyone like me – I cut on judging, gossiping and complaining instead.
  • I didn’t force myself into self-improvement – I started living consciously.
  • I didn’t solve the world hunger problem – I simply made my life purpose helping one person at a time.
  • Everything else took care of itself.

That’s all I can say about me and I guess my site will be pretty interesting for you all. If you have any comments please do not hesitate to post. It will be easier for me to identify my strength and weakness. You’ ll be able to see some of my new stuff soon…So guys that’s it njoy stay !!!  TC and God Bless you all !!