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Recommendation Letter

September 6, 2014, by shanakaonlive, category
Recommendation Letter

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Specimen Of A Recommendation Letter


(Sender Name)
(Sender Street Address)
(City, State, Zipcode)

(Recipient Name)
(Recipient Title/Position)
(Organization Name)
(Recipient Street Address)
(City, State, Zipcode)


Dear (Name of Recipient):

I understand you are currently considering (name of person you are recommending) for the position of (applied job position). I’ve known (name) for over (number of year) years, and it’s my pleasure to recommend (her/him) for this job position.

I first became acquainted with (name) when we (briefly explain circumstances of how you became acquainted with the person you are recommending.)

(Provide a brief summary of how this person worked their way through the ranks and emphasize any key accomplishments in point form)

I can say that (name) is a bright and talented person who continually demonstrates common sense and good judgment.

(He/she) is a self-starter who is quickly takes ownership of tasks presented to (him/her).

Besides, (name) was a team player and willing to learn in any new area that (he/she) needs to accomplish on.

My experience with (name) has consistently been that (he/she) works at a pace above and beyond what is expected and can be counted on to present a quality output in a timely

For example, (provide a brief example of a success that can be mainly attributed to the person you are recommending.)

In my opinion, organizations in general need as many employees like (name) as possible.

(He/she) will become a valuable team member of any company that hires (him/her).

If you would like additional information about (name), I can be reached at my e-mail at submit2day@gmail.com.

Best of luck in your hiring decision.

(Sender Name)
(Sender Title)

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