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Business Letter

September 6, 2014, by shanakaonlive, category
Business Letter

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Format Layout

◊ Letterhead Design
◊ Return Address
◊ Date
◊ Recipient’s Name & Address
◊ Salutation
◊ Subject
◊ Body
◊ Complimentary Close
◊ Signature
◊ Enclosure
Specimen Of A Business Letter
(Sender Name)
(Sender Street Address)
(City, State, Zip Code)
(Telephone Number)
(Fax Number)
(Email Address)(Date)

(Recipient Name)
(Recipient Title/Position)
(Recipient Organization Name)
(Recipient Street Address)
(City, State, Zip Code)


Dear Sir or Madam, (substitute ‘Sir or Madam’ with recipient’s name if the person is a close business contact)

Subject: Delivery Order Confirmation

With reference to our telephone conversation today, I am writing to confirm your delivery order for: 500 pcs of S2D 2010 T-Shirt. No. 27

The order will be shipped within three days via S2D courier and should arrive at your merchandise store in about 2 days.

Thank you for your prompt attention on our request.


(Sender Name)
(Sender Title)

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