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Appreciation Letter

September 6, 2014, by shanakaonlive, category
Appreciation Letter

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Specimen Of A Appreciation Letter

(Sender Name)
(Sender Street Address)
(City, State, Zipcode)
(Date)(Recipient Name)
(Recipient Title/Position)
(Organization Name)
(Recipient Street Address)
(City, State, Zipcode)


Dear (Name of Recipient),

The purpose of writing this letter is to send my sincere appreciation for (the name of employee).

On (date of service), I had an unfortunate experience  (briefly detail the problem) which was a headache  of the day.

However, without hesitation (name of employee) took direct ownership of the issue and assisted me to ensure the problem was resolved.

(Briefly explain your observations/experience and the circumstances in which you are most impressed).

The extra effort by (Name of employee) was most impressive and I never seen such ever committed working people before.

It has been my experience that when employees provide quality customer service of the highest caliber, they tend to be employees that are quickly promoted to leadership positions and/or competing organizations seek to hire, so do take care of this employee as he/she is a true asset to your organization.

I commend both (Mr./Ms. Employee last name) and your organization for the value of service provided and I feel grateful to be one of your customer.

Based on the service I’ve received from (Mr./Ms. Employee last name), I will not hesitate to recommend your organization to all of my business associates and friends.

(Sender Name)
(Sender Title)

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