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SLT CDMA Simulation

September 16, 2014 | Important | by shanakaonlive

I have done this simulation as per the request of my buddy Mr.Namal when he was a SLT employee. My sister helps me out in various way to finalize this on time. Still this simulation is being used by SLT CC employees.  


September 16, 2014 | Important, Music | by shanakaonlive

Motivational Omar Khan – Positive Thoughts     Motion M Productions (by Madawa Hewawasam) සැලෙන සුලුයි (Selena Sului) ආලෙන් වෙලා ගන්න​ (Aalen welaganna) මගේ වෙලා (Mage wela) සුදු පාට ගවුමේ (Sudu Paata Gaume)  


September 8, 2014 | Important | by shanakaonlive

Motivation is a theoretical construct, used to explain behavior (behavior). Motives are hypothetical constructs, used to explain why people do what they do, for example, when they use some strategy to achieve a goal. Types of theories and models Monist and pluralistic motivational theories A class of theories about why people do things seeks to […]

Project සචිත්‍ර සහ විචිත්‍ර ( Sachithra & Vichithra )

September 6, 2014 | Important | by shanakaonlive

We ( My friend Madushanka & Myself ) came up with සචිත්‍ර සහ විචිත්‍ර ( Sachithra & Vichithra )  concept based on “අපි නොදන්න  Live” program, but  after several attempt of recordings in different locations in Dubai we moved out to total different path. Our very first recording was succeeded. We were not able to continue this […]


September 1, 2014 | Important | by shanakaonlive

I am sharing some of the e books which I have read and thought these might be valuable. You guys can directly download these e-books for your entertainment, study and self motivation purpose.  Select the category you want, choose the book and hit download. —————————————————————————> Educational (soon) Historical (soon) Novel Motivational  

Letter Formats

September 1, 2014 | Important | by shanakaonlive

I have posted some of main important letter formats here. You can just download directly by clicking it. Will be updating more formats soon.