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Shanaka Onlive

Shanaka Onlive

Shanaka Onlive

Project සචිත්‍ර සහ විචිත්‍ර ( Sachithra & Vichithra )

September 6, 2014, by shanakaonlive, category Important

We ( My friend Madushanka & Myself ) came up with සචිත්‍ර සහ විචිත්‍ර ( Sachithra & Vichithra )  concept based on “අපි නොදන්න  Live” program, but  after several attempt of recordings in different locations in Dubai we moved out to total different path. Our very first recording was succeeded. We were not able to continue this program because we had to move apart unfortunately.


Episode 1:

So, what do you think ?