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Project මනමේ ( Maname )

September 6, 2014, by shanakaonlive, category Music

With the enormous help of Haroon Shaideen and Madawa Hewawasam ( MadMax ) now known as Motion M Studio we ( Muditha, Sachin & Myself ) did our very first trip-hop song called මනමේ ( Maname )  back in November 2006. This song lyrics was done by Aravinda ( Song Lyrics ) & Washeela ( Rap Lyrics ) based on a very famous stage drama called “මනමේ (Maname)” by Prof. Ediriweera Srachchandra. Later it was on air in Sha FM top chart came all the way from 20th place to 14th. I am hoping to do the track again in different style.



1st R&B Version:


R&B Track:


2nd Triphop Version:


Triphop Track:


Listen to the tracks and leave your valuable comments. It helps me improve my talent and create better songs in the future.  Thanks.



So, what do you think ?